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My Celebration Cakes...

What are celebration cakes perfect for? They are PERFECT for birthdays, baby showers, anniversaries, graduation, gender reveal and any other milestone that requires a celebration! These cakes are my absolute FAVORITE to create because of the creativity and creating a cake that match the theme of your party.


In addition to creating custom cakes, I also offer custom confections items that can be used to create a beautiful sweets table!  Need design inspirations?  

Check out my delicious 

Celebration/Specialty Cake Pricing

(Pricing varies based on details of cake. All cake tiers are approximately 5-6" tall)

Small Custom 6" - Up to 12 servings - $36

Custom Party Size 8" - Up to 20/24 servings - $60/$72

Small Two Tier 4+6" - Up to 20 servings - $60

Party Two Tier 6+8" - Up to 40 servings - $120

Larger Two Tier 8+10" - Up to 64 servings - $192

Dessert Table - $100 minimum

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