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since 2000

I am the owner and baker/designer for Sweet & Sophisticated. My love for baking came from me watching and helping my grandmother at an early age cooking and baking for her family & friends.  She loved to see people enjoying her food.  At the age of 14, my love for baking began to flourish. I prepared cakes, cupcakes and other pastries that my family & friends LOVED!! As I improved my recipes and self taught decorating skills, my PASSION for becoming not just a baker but a cake artist became my motivation to start Sweet & Sophisticated. I love baking and designing cakes because it allows me to express my artistic side.  I'm a licensed private baker located in Eatonton, GA that serve by APPOINTMENT ONLY.  My services primarily stretch from Eatonton, GA and Georgia's Lake Counties to Atlanta, GA and it's surrounding counties. 


Over the years I have met several people and my sweets became part of there family memories! I enjoy sharing with people my passion!! My hopes are to continue to touch people with my Sweets with a Sophisticated style & flavor that makes them say

Ooh La La in every bite.........

Shazett Bullard, Owner & Cake Artist
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