Custom Confections

My sweet confections are a great addition to sweet tables for any occasion.

I also offer Sweet Table packages 

Standard Cupcakes
$24 per dozen / Custom $30 per dozen (custom prices may increase due to design)
Cake Pops
$20 a dozen (dipped w/sprinkles) / custom (prices vary per design)
Custom Sugar Cookies
$20 a dozen (Price vary depending on design)
Sophisticated Apples
Hard Candy flavors $21 a half dozen / $25 for custom
Chocolate Covered Oreos
$20 a dozen / $25 for custom (edible details such as bows)
Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Rods
$20 a dozen (dipped w/sprinkles) / $25 for custom (edible details such as bows)
Rice Krispie Pops
$20 a dozen (dipped w/sprinkles) / $25 for custom (edible details such as bows)